Tilling a healthy curiosity,  Sprouting a natural interest in creativity,  Harvesting a lifelong love of music . . . one child at a time.

StringSeeds Academy is a dynamic, Suzuki-based, Early Childhood music learning program serving the Ann Arbor-area.  For more information, please navigate to our about pageTo setup a free consultation on music classes, please click on our contact page, or call us at (708) 205-4212.  Thanks!
~ Thor Sigurdson, cello/bass instructor

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Our Faculty: Wendy Zohar, violin/viola   &   Thor Sigurdson, cello/bass

Both Miss Wendy and Mr Thor  have devoted their entire lives to teaching children to love great music.  CLICK HERE for information on these two outstanding instructors.

Practicing with games . . . starting as early as possible

More and more parents are wanting their kids to develop a love for great music and to begin putting to use all of the amazing benefits that come with learning music, - and although offering kids music classes will be fruitful at any age, Pre-K can be the perfect age to start. 

Not only are many Pre-K children gaining the fine motor skills needed for success on a string instrument (violin, viola, cello, or string bass), they’re also eager to listen to music, and they love doing things "all by themselves".  Most importantly, they're ready to fully embrace one of Suzuki's fundamental concepts: practicing using gamesExperts agree: it's play that make learning a joy at any age, - and Suzuki is successful because it makes practicing music fun!